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Originally Posted by thebus2288 View Post
And since 2000 the Bluejackets have drafted 2 players who scored 20, the Rangers 4. Wow. How bout 40 goals?? Jackets: 1 and Rangers: 0...You cant add bogus "value" points to 0, thats a rule. So the simple "value" answer to to end all of this is that the Bluejackets need 2 of the 4 20 goal scorers for 1 40 goal scorer.
Remind me again--where have the BJ's been drafting again? How many of those picks since 2000 have been in the top 3? Top 5? How many of the Rangers picks since 2000 have even been in the top 10?

Even though the BJ's ALWAYS draft significantly higher than the Rangers, the Rangers have developed double the number of 20+ goal scorers (and that's not even factoring in the development of defensemen or goalies). And if not for the tragic death of Cherepanov, the disparity would be even greater. I don't know what you're crowing about. All you've proven is that the Jackets strike out playing T-Ball while the Rangers hit for average in the bigs (you're SUPPOSED to get an impact player drafting where the BJ's draft).

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