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07-08-2012, 10:38 PM
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Okay, so Robinson was by far the best candidate there was yet, we didn't want him 'cause we couldn't wait any longer.....Are people freakin insane? Do you really believe everything you read or just what it pleases you? Will it be that kind of a year really? Okay so from Bergevin, to Dudley, to Carrière, guys that most people in the league respect are total idiots 'cause they actually didn't want to hire a guy because they were in a HURRY to hire an assistant coach???? I mean, come on!!!!!!!!!!! Oh but's not about them, it's Therrien the idiot who didn't want to wait. Well Therrien was hire by Bergevin, and Bergevin said that most decisions will be taken as a group so you have to belive that for that kind of decision, everybody was consulted....But even that, they didn't want Robinson 'cause they didn't want to wait....or 'cause Therrien is afraid of Robinson etc...I mean, that job had to be filled so fast that Daigneault had just been asked permission to talk the day of the hiring....yet how many weeks separated Therrien's first hirings to this one?

It's all fair to bash whoever you want to bash. But based yourself on real things here and not fantasies....

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