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Originally Posted by thebus2288 View Post
Haha nice, some of u are adding up "value" points well in Nash's favor, good to see. There's way more to "value" than numbers and franchise history. Now the others are turning it into who's franchise is better thing again between an original 6 team and a team thats made the playoffs once. Hmm no wonder you feel this way bout Kriester. You guys don't have anything relevant to come back to my original point that Miller and Thomas are not the type of "AMATEUR" prospects that are gonna 'wow' Columbus in a package with a Dubinsky/Anisimov type guy. They have a handfull of guys that are just as "valuable" in the org. already...even without the NYR prestige.

The point in comparing what the two teams have developed over the last 10 years is to demonstrate that maybe, just MAYBE, the Rangers' scouts have been doing a better job than the Columbus scouts. As such, the players near the top of the Rangers prospects list are more than likely going to be better than guys who you think "are just as 'valuable'" that are already in the BJ's organization. Is that an unfair statement to make? I don't know. Let's look at the last 10 years of evidence.

That's fine that Miller and Thomas aren't prospects that "wow" your management. On the other hand, you might want to consider the fact that your management has a proven track record of being "wowed" by players who seem to fail/bust with alarming frequency.

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