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07-09-2012, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by HighLifeMan View Post
My intention was not to make him look better than he is with those statistics, but rather put in perspective that he in fact is not as soft or afraid of contact as everyone makes him out to be. Of course he is not a bonecrusher out there, but he does take the body for the most part.
I'm not trying to make him out to be worse than he is either, so we're on the same page. There is a question as to how mentally tough he is though. There is a question as to why he hasn't seemed capable of putting it all together. I can't deny that the guy can skate. He's positionally sound. His frame is more than adequate for the NHL level. He can move the puck. He's got the required stamina to be a top pairing player.

It just seems like the (no longer) kid isn't capable of being as strong as he would need to be (mentally & physically) to take the next step and answer his critics. His shot and his hits aren't hard enough. The giveaway number can be an indicator that a player loses focus or gets muscled off the puck. That said, giveaways can also be an indicator of how often the guy has the puck and nobody to move it to. I don't want to look too far into any of the stats you posted. Blocked shots and hits can be situational stats. For teams that don't have possession enough, you end up with defenders having a lot more opportunities to block shots and take the body.

He's a good player with a great player's salary. Instantly he would become the highest paid player on the Islanders.

This thread has gone down the crapper through no fault of your own. If J-Bo becomes a member of the Islanders, it'll be a cap deal that the Islanders were yelled at by the league to make.


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