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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
As I said above.

No junior market at all. Only minor team that gets attention is the Thunderbirds and maybe the Rampage. We have one junior Tier III team in Boulder is decent, but is pretty much nonexistent.

We have a very solid college market, but it's more regional than anything. DU is VERY popular in the metro area, CC is very popular in the south, and AFA has it's cult following between DU and CC. Playing in a separate division keeps AFA's attendance up.

In the college towns of CU and CSU there is aboustely no hockey culture or market. I would like CU pay and develop DI team because the potential is outstanding at that school and city. Would do wonders for growth in college hockey as well. I'm pretty sure people who go to CU would have much more info on this topic.

Colorado Eagles are another very popular team in Windsor and have an insane attendance percentage. all in all, every hockey team has a solid following, but you don't want to start milking the teams as well. Besides CU the only thing I would do is create a junior team on the east metro area.
Sorry, missed your post. Thanks for the info. It would be interesting if CU got involved. I think Colorado has the potential to be similar in many ways to the Boston market for college hockey (Boston College, BU, Northeastern, etc.). Though what that area has going for it is a very strong prep hockey program at the high school level (I'm including Connecticut since it's close by). It seems this is the piece that Colorado's missing right now.

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