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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
@ tips

This won't answer any of your questions, just an observation really. I'm kind of surprised there are not more AWD's for wagons on the market in Canada. Despite last winter's great roads, the typical Edmontonian and many other Canadians really could use AWD or 4x4. I don't know if I'm in the minority or not, but I do not use winter tires, drive a 4x4, and will never go back to FWD.....ever.

I would think Edmonton would be a good area to sell these types of vehicles...I guess not.
Agree 100%. I would also say Quebec would be a excellent place to sell AWD wagons as well, but the sad thing here is that SUV's have destroyed any sort of market need that AWD wagons would hope to fill. In europe, it's somewhat the opposite, as a fraction of the SUVs sold here are sold (and offered) across the atlantic, plus many of their roads/infrastructure don't allow for common citizens to own larger vehicles, but this is more true for larger cities.

Even still, i'm not sure why car companies have decided to make them almost extinct. I have even emailed Subaru Canada in the past requesting that they bring back the Legacy wagon. (I actually received a response saying that they can't comment on future vehicles, but listen to what their customers are saying). Its strange that there there is literally no option whatsoever for a new AWD wagon in the $35k range, unless you count used luxury vehicles, which isn't really the best option. If a maker actually offered one, that may drum up some demand for one, and Subaru seems like the most likely candidate as they still make and sell the Legacy wagon in other markets.

'Till that time, someone like me has to compromise... and SUV's are the only real option... which is disappointing.

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