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07-09-2012, 01:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
What an idiot.
Pretty much sums it up!

Thanks for the pic Krishna. The guy is sickening. I follow the guy for rumors, because I eat that **** up (though I ponder the insanity of them, rather than flocking to post EVERYTHING here)...yet he comes with this drama daily.

edit: here are the tweets between him, Eklund, and the other hockeybuzz guy.

******* ******** @***************

I don't always tweet rumors, but when I do I prefer the great taste of being VERY ACCURATE. Stay informed, my friends. ‪#***************
matthew barry @hockeybuzzbarry

@*************** "I prefer the great taste of being VERY ACCURATE." ‪#CONFIRMED‬ by 2 ‪#NHL‬ sources: Suter has VERBAL agreement with ‪#REDWINGS

******* ******** @***************

@hockeybuzzbarry honest question: Do you troll me out of personal desire or does @eklund ask you to do it?
@*************** I never troll anyone, i would never ask anyone.. We need to not make ourselves the story. We report the story and get away
love him or hate him, point goes to Eklund

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