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07-09-2012, 02:57 AM
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Win One For...

There are some of us who believe that our team is good right now. And that is true. Our leadership is good, our lines are good, our coaching is good, our system is good, our culture is good and our goaltending is good. Our cupboard is full and robust. We don't need and maybe shouldn't make any changes to what worked.

And there are some of us who have observed how so many Cup teams seem to have not only good leaders and good rosters, but also seem to have some sort of inspirational veteran who is getting his last chance to win. For some reason it feels like this sort of situation works really well as a motivational device to win the Cup, above and beyond winning the Cup for yourself.

I'm in both camps right now, both sides have merit. My worry, which opens up my thought process to the latter of acquiring an emotional playoff leader, is that this team has shown when they win too much, they take the foot off the gas. And teams in the playoffs are too good and want to win too badly not to take advantage of that, like pretty much every loss we sustained this year in the playoffs. But, they did close and maybe they learned plus who wants to deal any guy off the team who won for us? I'm a bit ambivalent.

And it wouldn't surprise me Darryl Sutter was thinking something similar when putting in Gagne at the very end after he was out SO many games.

Thus this topic. What do you guys think?

- R

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