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07-09-2012, 03:58 AM
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Originally Posted by jagielski41 View Post
I truly believe that Galchenyuk will have a very strong camp and make the roster this season. Besides knowing our 10th game is vs the oilers, i dont think gally will be sent back to ohl and that both teams would wanna miss out on that gally vs yakupov matchup. Itll be HYPED. I know their development is bigger than some matchup but thats what i think will happen.

Oh, and Gomez will be in the lineup, whether we all like it or not. I dont like it but we have to be realistic.

Maxpac dd cole
Gally pleks gionta
Moen eller armstrong
Prust gomez bourque
White (i want him in the lineup but its just hes more likely to get scratched)

I also dont see gallagher making the lineup. He will show up during preseason but there's just just no place for him in the big club. i do think he should start in the ahl for now. Louis Leblanc will be the first callup when there's an injury.
that's a lot of wishful thinking. galchenyuk missed a year of development. whether he has a good camp or not, i'd bet my right nut and my left shoe that he goes back to the OHL. best case scenario for him is the 9-game tryout. and if by some gretzky-ian fluke he makes the roster, he'd probably be on the third line wing but like i said, nut, shoe, bla bla bla...

and gallagher will surprise some people. book it et cetera

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