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Originally Posted by RTN View Post
Hey foppagirl, do you go to UBC?

Just wanted to add that even Vancouver went through rough times in the late 90s. Much more people in BC cheered for other teams (Leafs, Avs, Wings, Bruins, etc.) than the Canucks. The Canucks only became cool again about 10 years ago for the general public. Not surprising then that the Avs would suffer after hitting a cold streak.

I would really be interested in knowing what the non-NHL hockey market is like in Denver/Colorado (minor hockey, junior, college). I know a few players who went down to Colorado College and they seemed to like it.
I graduated from UBC!

The non-NHL market is the exact same way- if the team is winning, people will get all excited and show up. Case in point the Denver Pioneers hockey team. When they were winning (what, 2004-6? cannot remember the years), people were talking about them all the time. Some of my closest friends went to DU and CC and of course they enjoyed the hockey programs there. But for outsiders, unless the team is winning, no one really cares. Seriously, the Denver Broncos are the only team in Denver that has support when playing terribly.

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