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07-09-2012, 07:53 AM
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People are clearly allowed to be dissapointed. I am as well. But people who then use this to discredit Bergevin, Therrien and Co and clearly calling them total idiots, that's so disrespectful and stupid and that goes beyond saying. There's not even 1 game played, and while I'm totally fine with people voicing their opinion on good or bad moves, this is going further than this. They've already established the inability of our management to do anything good already and that makes no sense.

And it gets me every time when I read people who keeps dissing the journalists until there's a story they like and then decide to agree with everything. And how they can just take one side of the story and make it THE story. I mean people in here are not idiots but wonder if they just doesn't do it to create something.

I mean, you don't have to go far. Some were outraged by the fact that Bergevin didn't contact the Parenteau clan AT ALL. And then....Bergevin said that he contacted him 2 or 3 times. Jagr claims that he would have liked to play for the Habs. That he would have liked to play in Canada....yet, how many other teams out there are in Canada? And nobody was interested? I mean, what does it say about Jagr then? Is he that good? Or was Jagr full of ****? And then Robinson who says that he understands the Habs choice which seems that he was interested in the job....and we know Bergevin contacted him but it didn't go any further. Yet, people claims that it's because Therrien is AFRRRRRRRAID. Afraid of what? To lose his job? Seriously? Therrien understands that he'll lose in 3 years so what if he loses it to Robinson or anybody else? Do people really believe that Therrien will have his job for 10 years since Robinson isn't in his coaching team? But if he would have been, he'd lose his job in 3 years? Can we actually GO in 3 years and get Robinson out of his contract in San Jose and give him the head coaching job then? Can we just give the coaching job to somebody else?

I understand that hiring Robinson, for some, would have soften the blow that the Therrien hiring created. I understand all that and that's why it's all fine to disagree and to be dissapointed but to call up the management?

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