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07-09-2012, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by KingKopitar11 View Post
Whats prokhorkin like?
He has skill, but he hasn't stood out. Unfortunately, that will be misconstrued on this board, because anything that's not positive implies that he's a bust. He's not. But little has been written on him, like most of these players, because the few people there are watching between 10-24 players at once. You either lose a lot focusing on one player, or you make mental notes on players who stood out, good or bad.

Prokhorkin has skills, but there's little more I can honestly write about him because he hasn't really been part of that stand out group.

With that said, I just wanted to have a general reply to some of the responses:

As for Forbort, to begin with, I never called him a bust. Neither has losingsand. So, please don't pretend that word has been used by people who actually watched this week.

And second of all, please don't pretend he has been called unimpressive because he isn't flashy. He has had the most blatant mishandling of pucks and errant passes, even with little pressure on him. If you read the write-ups, you would see that. Note how nobody else has been singled out like this, because nobody else has been so visible with it.

And I understand this is development camp. It's for the players to get better, which is another reason why I avoid making definitive, damning statements against players. It's also why I don't use words like "soft," because minimal contact is used.

So please keep all that in mind. If you watch them yourself and disagree, cool. If you'd rather pay attention to what others say, cool. But don't derail the thread by putting words in our mouths or making up criteria for our observations.

This is the one time of year the Kings prospects play in one location. Take it for what it's worth.

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