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Originally Posted by chinatown81592 View Post
Mike Trout?
I'd love that.

Originally Posted by Justified View Post
I just think expecting to get the some other teams 4/5 top prospects for 2 months of Cole when they arent going to get draft picks is going to be hard to come by.
I don't see a point to deal Cole then, just keep him and resign him. He obviously seems as if he wants to.

Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
The ASKING price is 4-5 top tier prospects. Amaro probably knows very well that he's not going to get that. If you remember the trade negotiations for guys like Halladay, Pence, and Lee, the other teams were supposedly asking for the moon, and ended up getting much less. It's now negotiating works.

Again, I don't move him for at LEAST Olt involved. AT least, he is a must.

Originally Posted by Justified View Post
The Lee deal they basically gave up nothing, the Halladay deal they gave up alot. But Halladay was under contract for another season. But you can get alot for these rentals if you find the right GM that is desperate enough.
It really comes down to market and who is being offered, like I said I want at least one of Olt/Profar. Obviously, I'd rather Olt + Profar. But if neither name is mentioned, then I'll keep Cole.

Originally Posted by Protest View Post
That's why I think they should resign Cole, and move Lee and Halladay next year. They can still get good young players without trading Cole. Maybe they could get a solid middle reliever for Victorino, or just wait and get whatever draft picks.

You might be able to get something for Blanton. Nothing good, but something.

Trading Ruiz now would make perfect sense, but I don't see them doing it due to the public outcry that it would cause.

Pence has gotten his numbers back up, and is controlled through next year so he might be an option to trade. Although, they may want to keep him since he isn't really old yet.

You could probably get something for Pierre, but I think I'd bring him back next year, unless he wants to try for another serious contract before he retires.

I still think Howard's contract is moveable if he can still hit 35+ HR's, and they eat some of the money.

Lee - I don't see him moving.
Halladay - I don't see him moving unless he asks to be dealt.
Hamels - Keep.
Blanton - Who's going to want that, unless we're eating this season of it?

Victorino - I'd move him, last I heard Yanks/Giants were interested.
Pence - I think they keep him.
Ruiz - I don't see how they could rationalize moving him unless the deal was a steal.
Pierre - Reds were/are interested[not sure if they actually are anymore].
Howard - I think it's wishful thinking that they'd move / be able to move him. I think that's one contract we're stuck with.


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