Thread: Proposal: Give Gomez one last chance?
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07-09-2012, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I don't agree. He didn't "suck prodigiously" before coming here.
I've heard a few Flames fans suggest otherwise, although at least his production was much better before coming here, so that ought to lessen the prodigiousness of it.
Why are we writing off a player even though he put up back-to-back 30 goal seasons before the trade?
Are we writing him off? No, I think we're saying, alas, we're kinda stuck with him and kinda stuck with hoping he bounces back, because, alas, we didn't get somebody better/less risky to replace him with. While indeed acknowledging there is a chance he bounces back. There is no "writing off" involved there.
This is just Habs fans throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Not everything that was bad last year has to be written off, thrown out, bought out, sent to the AHL, etc.
Is it? Or is it just a generalized assumption that that's what Habs fans are saying and a blanket denigration of Habs fans. Most Habs fans have their own targets, and those differ from fan to fan, and in degree, I don't think I have yet read a post from anybody saying "everything that was bad last year has to be written off, thrown out, bought out, sent to the AHL, etc." Link?

The only one that absolutely has to go is Gomez, for reasons that shouldn't even need re-hashing. He's the one with the worst contract, the worst performance, and he had the most chances.
Well, it appears as if none of them are going. And I'd rather have Gomez than $7.357M of unused cap space, so count me amongst those who is on board with keeping all of them, including Gomez, at this point. It's a little sad we got to this point, but not actually all that surprising, nor grounds for any indictment of management. Montreal has to be a very hard sell to players atm.

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