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Originally Posted by Calacatz View Post
Fransen, Kulemin & 2013 1st should be a more then fair package...

I am curious what Gillis ask was on draft day which Burke's been alluding to as "im not gonna trade 15 1st rounders for a golaie"
Honestly, Burke needs to play a bit of a risk with acquiring Luongo to save his job. It's absolutely unacceptable for the biggest hockey market to flounder so spectacularly in his tenure there, never drafting out of the top 10.

Burke needs to re evaluate his stance on albatross contracts as its becoming the standard for high end talent to sign long term, front loaded (unless this changes in the new CBA) deals. Standard 2-5 year contracts will not net Toronto the star goalie or star centre the Leafs desperately need. Expect Kessel to want a lifetime deal if he intends to stay in TDot, and Burke would be a damn fool not to give it to him.

Luongo is in for 10 years. That's 10 years of upper tier net minding that Toronto won't have to worry about. It allows them to focus on acquiring a true 1C with our having to hand out ridiculous goalie offers to UFAs. While any bonafide blue choppers (Reilly, kadri to an extent) are a bit rich to expect, trading Lupul when you have JvR now would not be amiss. It's a pretty cut and dry hockey trade, both sides get what they need and loops is one year away from UFA and honestly, he isnt a star power like Kessel so Carlyle will expect him to up his defensive game or be banished to the dog house.

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