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Originally Posted by yakitate304 View Post
-Naruto (my friend showed me the Lee vs Gaara fight and I thought it was pretty cool so I started watching, thus beginning my venture into anime... he didn't tell me how many damn episodes there were. I watched all of the original series (including almost all the ****ing fillers) and then a ton of Shippuuden until
a few episodes after Jiraiya died
You should watch the end of the Pain arc its great, I pretty much stopped right after it though.

-Bleach (also watched way too much of this... stopped when there were a bunch of fights going on in that desert)
Depending on which Heuco Mundo fight you were on it starts to have some epic fights in HM and Karakura town. But Season 13 is just massive filler/side story I couldn't even watch it.

Akira (I know I'm supposed to have watched this but I never really felt like it)
Watch it, just the atmosphere the movie is able to create can be haunting at times.

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