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07-09-2012, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Fistfullofbeer View Post
I actually think Semin would be a good addition to the top-6. All up for that providing the contract is reasonable.
As others have mentioned, just imagine him flanking Thornton on the first line. I think that could be lethal.

Originally Posted by Fistfullofbeer View Post
I am still not 100% sold on what Doan would bring to our top-6. He is past his prime and we have enough leadership of our own in the team. He would be an upgrade over the likes of a Clowe if he can play LW on the 2nd line. But I still do not think that is the step in the right direction for our future.
I think he's got at least two good seasons left in him. If it were between us signing Semin or Doan I'd pick Semin every single time, but if Semin wanted more than was reasonable I think Doan could help a lot. He'd be a great leader and should put up respectable numbers. I still don't feel like he'll sign in SJ, though. With so many suitors I doubt DW would massively overpay for him.

Originally Posted by Fistfullofbeer View Post
Luongo's contract is evil. Do not want.
That's true. I'll address the goaltending thing in my next comment.

Originally Posted by Fistfullofbeer View Post
If we trade Niemi who would start in goal? I like Greiss but he has never started more than 19 games in a season. On the flip-side though, I would be ok splitting time with Greiss and Stalock/Sateri to give them a chance. Would I be confident with Greiss/Stalock/Sateri? Hell, no! But I would be excited to see them play.
Yeah, I think platooning Greiss and Stalock could work out. Sateri could definitely fight for one of those spots as well.

Originally Posted by Fistfullofbeer View Post
I am just hoping that DW is working on a big trade in the background. And not Nash. I want him but not for the price Howsen is asking. Couture is out of the question. Pavs .. maybe for a straight swap .. but I am not adding. I am hoping that DW pulls a big trade out of nowhere and lands us a good winger for something around Clowe/Murray.
Agree for sure. I'm pretty confident DW won't outbid some other GM with a really stupid overpayment. Maybe he'll even bluff someone else a bit and make them believe he's gonna give up a ton, thus making them do just that to one-up him. That'd be great if we saw some of the DW that offer-sheeted Hjalmarsson and all that.

Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
Who? Weber? no. Rumors are he wants out, sooner rather than later.
Oh, no, I was posting in reply to this

Originally Posted by RussianShark View Post
In my dream last night, some team traded Mike Moore and a 2nd for Nash, and I was the only person surprised.

Maybe we should try it out while he is still under contract to us
Meaning Moore was signed by Nashville.

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