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Originally Posted by Midas View Post
I dont understand the difference. Dump and chase versus puck possession?

From what i can identify its more about personalities. Some of the high profile Russian players act like Football players aka whiney babies.

I think the montra that North Americans feel is that the country of Russia is basically Vice City. Wild craziness with money being tossed around.

Which isn't entirely true but my 3 days in St. Petersburg were wild
Bottom line: puck possession requires more practice time to perfect the skills at full speed. Dump and chase is more or less the only option for the NHL, mainly because of two factors: (1) because of the number of games and the amount of travel, there isn't enough time available to put in a puck possession system, and (2) the small NHL rinks don't have enough space to permit a sustained puck possession game. Beyond that, its just a matter of preference.

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