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07-09-2012, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by UniverStalinGraduate View Post
Kaberle is what he is though. As I, and many have mentioned many times...there's a reason that upon hitting UFA after winning the cup and leading his team in scoring for a d-man in that cup run as well, he managed only a 3 year 4.25 deal.

He is a flawed d-man. But the key is to figure out his assets and weaknesses as best as possible and how to allow him to be the most effective player he can.
agree, and has bad as he was defensively he was only -6 as a Hab, and that was playing a new comer in Emelin and Campoli.

I think he'll easily crack the 40 point mark this year, and possibly have a phyiscal D-men like Bouillon with him will help a lot.

And 4.25M isn't a lot on a short term deal for Kaberle, IMO he'll be good until Bealieau is ready for the NHL as the 5th D-men, second PP unit, so it could be by this year deadline or next, and when Kaberle is traded, he'll get a nice return, most likely a 2nd and a decent prospect.

Oh and to the OP question.
I think we have too many of the same D-type of depth d-men.

Kaberle-Bouillion,Weber,Diaz, I'd like to see Weber or possibly Diaz traded and replaced with a physical D-men. But in regards to D-men, no with all the injuires, you need about 8 D-men that can play at an NHL level to start the year, becuase with injuries you'll end up using around 8-9 different guys in a whole season.

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