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07-09-2012, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
OK wait, let's walk through this one step-by-step. Let's assume Calgary hypothetically were to acquire Thomas.

- Considering Calgary's cap situation, it goes without saying that they would be acquiring him to play, not to sit out a year (like a team under the cap floor might want him for).
- They would be acquiring a 38 year old goalie, a very "win now" move, which would at least not be a departure of character for the Flames over the past half decade, however misguided that path has been for them.
- They would then have a 35 year old backup in Kiprussof, making over $5mil/ season, who I assume they would need to move.
- They think they can pry a good (hopefully young) asset from either Chicago or Toronto for Kipper, who both need to add a goalie and have been spurned (it seems) by Luongo.

So yeah. The only way this makes sense is if they have maybe already agreed in principle to a deal with the Hawks or Leafs to move Kipper, and are trying to convince Thomas to play the year in "Canada's Texas" (as I'm sure it won't cost much at ALL to get the B's to move Thomas's $5mil cap cancer).

That's just about the most sense I can make out of this. I really can't see Thomas wanting to play in Canada, though if he were to play up here in the GWN, Calgary is the best bet for him culturally.
If Feaster pulls that off, he's a genius. The return for Kipper would be decent, and he'd be creating an asset out of nothing.

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