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Originally Posted by SeriousHabs View Post
That is because the floor increased more proportionally than the ceiling. Teams that need to reach the floor typically can't attract stars, so they give money to decent role players. It worked out pretty well for the Panthers.

And the floor could come up a lot more in the next CBA if the NFL and NBA set any sort of precedence here.

Some guy pointed out points to dollar ratio. Its not really fair because players don't get paid on production. They get paid on draw or how much money they can make the organization. This can often be quantified in points for certain players, but more so in point potential as that's what we pay to see. Guys like Carkner play a different game so how you quantify his draw to the team is different.

We pay for the whole package on the ice and I feel that the split amongst players is almost fair with the lower end players getting annual raises in comparison to the high-end players due to the cap and the ratio of elite to average players.

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