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07-09-2012, 04:10 PM
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Oh boy, this might end up being quite the thread.

Originally Posted by Zapp Brannigan View Post
We must have different definitions of "pretty good" term. It's the only logical explanation.
I don't think you'll find a Canes fan who would blame you for thinking Tlusty is a scrap. Like a lot of former Leaf prospects, he's still playing out from under the reputation of his early seasons. He quietly had a respectable season where he played on the top line against tough defenders, and didn't look overwhelmed. He fits well with Staal (who of course, is not similar to any Bruins center, so that doesn't help this trade) and will probably have a decent career when it's all said and done. Not great, but respectable.

Not to compare them too closely, but he's a little like Kyle Wellwood in the sense that people still think of the version of him from 3 years ago, before he found his comfort zone as a player.

Originally Posted by jeromeo87 View Post
Someone we hardly had last year, and even when he returned our blueline didn't get much better... at all.
So that justifies trading him and not even getting a top-4 defenseman in return?

I'm curious how you would draw up the Hurricanes blue line after this trade. How about:


Looks like a winner!

Originally Posted by Jets View Post
looks like the ducks get took here. I'd think they could get a much better return on Ryan than Krejci and Tlusty. Look for something similar to the J.Staal return IMHO.
Unless you think good #3 centers are more desirable than average #1 centers, and prospects are more desirable than NHL players, this return already IS better than the J. Staal trade. Or do you mean in terms of acquiring forwards vs defensemen?

Originally Posted by jstaal View Post
sorry not meaning to offend, but Horton is one hit away from his career ending...
So's everybody else in the league. The problem isn't Horton's health, it's that he's a great fit for the Bruins and a poor fit for the Hurricanes.

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