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07-09-2012, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by JBertho View Post
At this point Aries is more over than Storm.

Storm is suffering from miserable booking when he's not involved with Roode. I also think Storm winning the BFG series and Rooder getting the title back is far too predictable. TNA has an opportunity to go down a different path and lead to a face vs. face main event with Aries vs. Hardy/Styles or both.

If Aries' momentum keeps rolling, you simply cannot take the title off of him.
Sure you can.

As long as they don't take it off of him this Thursday, they can beat Aries by Roode doing an attack before the match or win it dirty in order to keep Aries strong.

I am just against throwing away months of very solid long term booking for the flavor of the month. They have invested a bunch into Roode and in the potential Roode/Storm match and to throw it away would be terrible.

They can still solidify Aries and make him look good depending on how they follow this up and the good thing for TNA is that they have like 6 weeks to get it back on Roode. They have time to get things back where they need to be, and alos strike the hot iron and make a new star in Aries. It's a great problem to have. They don't have to do it Thursday or at the next PPV per se, but just as long as they do it by the Thursday after No Surrender.

Who cares about program predictability? At the Rumble we have a general idea of who/what the main thing is gonna be, and this is no exception.

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