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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
No, you're in the ignorant majority actually.
AWD and 4x4 will do nothing to slow your car down faster on ice and snow. All it will help you do is gain traction to get rolling. It's people with the same opinion as you that make the roads that much more unsafe during the winter months.

There's nothing safer in icy conditions than FWD with proper winter tires. I wish AB would impose the same bylaws that Quebec did a few years ago and make proper winter tires mandatory after a cut off in october.
I never figured FWD would be MORE safe than AWD in icy conditions. Wouldn't it still be better control-wise sideways and what not to have more wheels you can put power to? Obviously stopping in a straight line AWD is worthless.

I get through winters fine in my subcompact with dedicated winter tires but I'm still upgrading to AWD and a taller, heavier vehicle ASAP

Also Tips, is the Impreza wagon too small in the cargo department?

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