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07-09-2012, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Neutrino View Post
Why exactly ?

I understand the concern but it is possible to consider the average salary after taxes and deductions as the cap hit, a good move towards putting every team at equal level (one small step and yadi yada)...

Some teams like the Habs would have more real money spent but the salary is still the same...
Tax legislation is revised on a yearly basis. Tax accountants are specialized in manipulating your finances in order to declare the least taxes possible. Averages don't really mean much, as when you have capital gains/losses and retirements savings plan and other arrangements, you can be paying 10,000$ in tax one year and 50,000$ in the next (random numbers, but the point is that taxes are never the same from one year to another, especially if you are making millions like hockey players).

Anyways I don't want to get too technical, there's a reason why I decided not to specialize in taxes as an accountant, I'm quite content with Auditing.

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