Thread: Speculation: Shane Doan (Re-signs with Yotes)
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07-09-2012, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Crazy_Ike View Post
People seem to have forgotten a rather large part of the "cap hell" happened BECAUSE the Hawks won the cup and we got saddled with Toews and Kane hitting every single performance bonus they possibly could have.

I have absolutely no problem with that sort of thing at ALL. Bring on Cup related cap hell every time!

Other GMs appear to be able to make moves to address their team's needs. If Bowman can't do this - and I remind you all, he has not successfully done this yet in his time here - then he should be removed for someone who can.

I, for one, am not satisfied with "well, I really wanted to improve the team, but I just couldn't!" as an excuse. He dawdles. We know coaching is a problem, but all he does is let go of (quite possibly the wrong) assistant coach after passing the buck to Quenneville. We know goaltending is a problem, and he sits on it hoping that by changing nothing it will miraculously improve. We haven't had a second line center for how many years now? His solution is a nearly dead Brendan Morrison. Powerplay has needed help for years? Bring in Brunette and make it even more embarrassing. Hawks get pushed around all the time in their own zone? The clear answer is to spend valuable draft picks on small, non-physical John Oduya.

Yeah you could say my patience with this fraud is wearing thin. He better get Doan, but even that would just be a very temporary reprieve.
Its pretty simple, bowman is thinking longterm. If he goes over q's head and fires kitchen then that takes some of the blame away from q if they fail again this season. If however, he lets q fire haviland, and lets be honest, both guys deserved to be fired, then the onus is all on Q this year. Fail again and he can get rid of Q much easier.

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