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07-09-2012, 08:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Bodmanza View Post
But I'll tell you, when it dumps and I have to get out of my alley, I got stuck numerous times with FWD and winter tires, whereas with AWD and all seasons, I have not even been close to getting stuck, and my AWD is lower.
bingo. this is one of the main reasons i want AWD in my next car. I use a lot of alleys and side streets and unless we get a year like last winter where it barely snows (lucky), I get stuck a few times a week on these lesser-used arteries (depending on snow levels). I have used winter tries on my current car in the past, and while it does help for sure, i found that I still got stuck when it snowed hard.

@ Groucho - I agree that people who buy 4x4 or AWD cars can drive like complete a-holes when it comes to winter time, thinking they can still drive like it's today's weather. But that doesn't mean the majority do, as in everything the minority gives the majority a bad wrap.

@ t-funk - I do like the impreza hatches (although, the recent re-design somewhat underwhelmed me), but they are basically the same size as my current car.

I noticed over the weekend that the new Allroad has been officially released. oh man... what a sweet machine that is. anyone have $50k they can lend me? haha.

and yes. it's WAY too freakin hot out..

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