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07-09-2012, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Crazy_Ike View Post
Bowman is in charge of removing members of the coaching staff, period. He passed the buck rather than making the call himself. Not a sign of a strong GM.
That is not at all true. During the season Wirtz came out and said that Q wouldn't be fired. Then Bowman brought Barry Smith into the fold, Q complained, and then Smith was gone. The Hawks aren't a streamlined organization like you seem to believe they are. The flow chart isn't Rocky -> Bowman -> Q. Its Rocky -> McD -> Q at times. Other times its Rocky -> Scotty. Or McD -> Bowman. There is a reason why there were countless stories about how dysfunctional the Hawks organization is.

Originally Posted by Crazy_Ike View Post
I don't hate on Oduya. But if we are to acquire players who actually fill holes in the roster without creating new holes, we need to use draft picks and tradeable prospects more wisely than that. When it mattered, Oduya was not good and not what the Hawks needed.
The entire team was not good when it counted. There are only 4-5 players on the entire roster who didn't drop the ball in the post season.

Originally Posted by Crazy_Ike View Post
Any GM that improved their team is off the hook. Any GM that has a contender already is off the hook. Any GM actually in rebuild mode is off the hook. Who is NOT off the hook? Those not in any of those categories who are either unwilling or incapable of pulling the trigger to improve their team.
So Bowman is off the hook then? For as bad as this team played last year they weren't nearly as bad as some of the people on this board make them out to be. As I have said over and over if the special teams units were league average (which isn't asking for much given the talent on the roster) the Hawks goal differential goes up by roughly +15. The Hawks were 8 points behind the Blues (9 with tie breakers). If the pp and pk weren't god awful they win the division and who knows what could have happened if they had home ice.

Originally Posted by Crazy_Ike View Post
The Hawks so far (two years now) are just sitting there spinning their wheels while other teams make moves to improve around us, after two first round exits (one of which came after a season we didn't deserve to even be IN the playoffs). Not doing anything to address the problems that have created this history is a failing GM.
Go look at the rosters of LA, PHX, the Preds, Blues, NJ, NYR, or any other team in the league and point out which of those team had more overall talent on the roster than the Hawks did last. Bowman job is to assemble to most talented roster he can in the present while keeping the teams future as bright as possible. He has done both of those things quite well so far.

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