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07-09-2012, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by caley View Post
It's crazy rumor day as the NHL's dead-zone hits much earlier than in previous years!

With the Flames payroll, this likely wouldn't be a case of needing to hit the floor and more of a belief on Feaster's part that he could convince Thomas to play this season. Maybe a Bouwmeester for Thomas swap? Like Murphy says, seems really unlikely.
if it happens...

i think the logic must be to move kipprusoff for building blocks... but still have a goalie around that can win now. so kipprusoff to toronto for something attractive would have to be part of the package i guess.

then from boston it seems like a bit of a capdump from boston which opens up the door for a bouwmeester trade. there is logical reasons why bouwmeester fits the bruins better then boychuck does for the next couple years.

so thomas and boychuck for bouwmeester and then kipprusoff and stajan maybe to toronto for like bozek and a pick or prospect or two...

calgary probably hopes irving ends up being their starter in a year or two anyhow and are just treading water until then. they want to convince iginla to resign. they dont want to keep stajan but stajan was mildly useful in toronto so might be able to convince the leafs to take him back if they get their needed goalie? toronto does have the budget to bury stajan in the ahl if necessary.

all in all calgary would end up moving quite alot of contract if they can replace stajan and bouwmeester with boychuck and bozek and maybe use that contract room to sign a couple of the ufa still bouncing around.

i think a smarter move is to rebuild from the ground up but calgary seems committed to patching their leaks on the fly. i could see this plan making them a better team so if this is the choice they make then its better then what they had before. my thumbs up

as for the other teams involved... toronto should make a move to get a goalie too so thumbs up for them.

and boston can use a 25 min per game lh shooting dman more then they need thomas who has said he is going to sit out this year. im guessing he will choose to play if dealt to the right team so im assuming calgary would talk to him nd make sure he plans to play before they pull the trigger.

boychuck is a very honest 18-21 min per night 3/4 pairing guy and would certainly be useful in calgary and even played in calgary before in juniors so one will assume he'd be ok returning 'home'

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