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Originally Posted by roccerfeller View Post
Only two things I can think of (and its probably a combination of the two):

1) Jets are interested in someone else (they are talking with other preferred picks over him)

2) Wellwood is entertaining offers from other teams

A lot of these things take time and there is no rush period right now to sign players. Think of it as behind the scenes chess between GM's and players & their agents, with NDAs and such so a lot of things don't become public during discussions.
I would add to that. I think after his best statistical year Wellwood is asking for more than Chevy thinks he is worth. Wellwood can fill some holes but I don't think he is in the long term plans for a Jets team trying to get bigger and tougher to play against. Chevy is waiting him out to either get him at their price or let him go. IMO it is a risky game for Wellwood, after his mostly unsettled career it may be difficult for him to find as good as opportunity the Jets offered him last year. Another bad fit and down year somewhere else just might be the end of the road for his career.

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