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07-09-2012, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
Yes, but the trick is to pick your spots or you'll always be outside looking in and unfortunately that's where Stan is right now. Other GM's aren't going to give players away and proven veteran players are going to take advantage of the success they have had.. and Bruno and Morrison are not what I have in mind. Doan is coming off an excellent playoff and plays the type of hockey this team is crying for. It's time to take a chance, try for a 2 year deal but sign him for 3 if that's what it takes. Even if Doan has lost it by the 3rd year, surely one of our "prospects" will be ready to take his spot, and he has the tools and size to nicely take up 3rd or 4th line duties.
Exactly, it is about picking your spots... which Tallon was pretty bad with. I mean, FFS, he signed Huet to a huge contract before having a place to put Khabibulan.. what kind of GM does that? Next thing you know, Huet sucks and it's only because of Tallon's lack of preperation that Khabi did stay and was able to give Chicago a good season (finally) which helped propel them into the playoffs.

What do we know has happened from this summer, thus far?

- We know that Bowman heavily pursued both Parise and Suter but focused their efforts more on Parise.
- We know that Bowman pursued Brodeur, though he was likely never going to be anyone other than NJ.
- We know that they're interested and have contacted Doan's agent in an attempt to sign him.

But, at the end of the day, it's a two-way street. Parise likely had interest in playing in Chicago, but when Minny came calling and the chance to play with his buddy Suter arose, money/term became less significant. Chicago had interest in Brodeur, but Brodeur was never going to leave NJ as long as he was offered a contract and even if Chicago throws 4-years and 20M at Doan, if he wants to stay on the West coast, he'll stay on the West coast in Phoenix, Vancouver or even LA.

Chicago isn't the only good team. Chicago isn't the only team with talented players that will be/should be contending for the forseeable future.. There is something to say about GM's who rountinely get good players to sign with their team.. but any GM of any big-market team can throw unwarrented cash at a player and that player would be hard pressed to not accept. (See: Campbell, Brian; Huet, Cristobal.) Throwing ******** amounts of money to good but not great players =/= being a good/great GM.

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