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Originally Posted by manifestodestiny View Post
So, I am unsure how to introduce this:

I am a former Atlanta Thrashers fan who has essentially been a free agent fan since the... Calamity. The reported support of Comcast and the Flyers for the Thrashers staying in Atlanta made me very favorable to Philly. Yet, I was accepted into college in Philly and I've generally began to think myself as a Flyers fan, it is not the same intensity as the Thrashers and I doubt that the emotional connection will be the same, but I'm trying.

So, here are a couple of questions:
Any advice on how to have a good experience at a Flyers game? Where should I try to sit, considering the income of a student, and how should I pregame? Is there public transportation from the arena to the inner city?

Also, would I get crap wearing a Thrashers Jersey in the city, considering that they no longer exist? I really want to attend a Jets game in it as a way to move on?
1. Definitely try to become a Flyers fan! Arguably the most loyal and passionate American NHL fanbase, and the team is competitive pretty much year in and year out.

2. Good experience at the games: I always like to sit in the lower levels, personally. Feel closer to the action. But as a fellow college student, I know that price is a big factor so try and find the best possible seats for the best price.

3. Xfinity live just opened up recently and while I have not gone there myself, I have heard great things about it. It's pretty much a huge sports bar that is geared towards Philly sports. Ideal for people wanting to hang out and drink before/during/after a game.

4. No, you probably wouldn't get crap for wearing a Thrashers jersey. One, they are the Jets now. Two, there was never a real rivalry between the two franchises. It would be different if you wore a Pens jersey lol.

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