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07-09-2012, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by jfisher6 View Post
Disagree with basically everything you've said in this thread.

Making the playoffs was great for us. All of our young guys got a taste of playoff hockey, which is infinity times better than losing a lot and losing your confidence.

We really don't need more top 10 picks. While they are nice, winning and getting valuable experience is much more important. That draft pick might not even be ready for 2 more years, maybe more if it's a defenseman. Playing meaningful hockey in March and April is the best way for our team to get better, not with high-talent rookies.

Onto the trading roster players for prospects. Why? Most of our core is out of the "developing" stage and coming into their primes, Duchene doesn't count as he has shown he is not ready to be a #1C.

We really don't need more projects to develop and wait for, and even then they may bust.

I don't think he was being that arrogant at all to you, I agree with him. If we are going to trade our current best center, it needs to be for a top pairing, left handed partner for EJ. And they need to be established, not a prospect like Gormley who we might HOPE makes it to his potential. It's kinda common sense, I don't think he's trying to talk down to you or anything, we're all on the same team here.

It comes down to this:

If we trade Stastny (no picks or prospects at this stage in our rebuild) whatever happens to come back needs to include a 3rd line Center, because we'd just be creating a hole to fill another if we don't get one.
The prospects idea was not the only thing I posted..

I just don't see those holes being filled through our prospect pipeline. I agree with you about the playoff experience but the chances of us becoming an actual contender with the loss of Stastny the addition of a D partner for EJ and just what we have in the pipe.. Are about slim to none..

And the chances of filling both those holes with one trade when looking for the quality of Defender that we are talking about is also even less of a possibility.

That's IMO

As far as mine and Lonewolf's discussion.. It goes well beyond this instance.

(And btw.. Players moving to new teams and finding the same success has the chance of busting just the same. See Jaybo and many other players..)

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