Thread: Speculation: Shane Doan (Re-signs with Yotes)
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07-10-2012, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by madgoat33 View Post
Its not dissimilar to the situation with the white sox. You can't just fire a championship winning coach on a "whim". While some of us see the coaching problems with the team, I'd wager the vast majority of fans don't and there'd be a lot of backlash from firing the stache. There's a huge amount of politicking involved in firing a coach.
His job isn't to make fans like him though, it appears he thinks it is but it isn't it's to win games. Sure if and when he fires Q there will be a backlash wether that's this year or next year or whenever. But if you get a coach in here to effect a change in the teams demeanor and work effort and he wins changes, that backlash will quickly die down.

This might have been the perfect time to fire Q after a 2nd straight first round exit and underperformance from the team in general. What happens if the team overperforms next year and plays better then they should and makes it to the Conference Finals, now you can't fire Q because this team is on the rebound even though it's still not good enough and even if you think Q isn't the right guy.

Yes an owner has a say, but from my experience if the GM goes to the owner and tells him his play and it's a good plan the owner goes with it. This to me goes back to GM not being strong enough.

Ray Shero was able to fire Michel Therrien the year after his took them to the Cup finals, the new coach wins them the Cup. Not saying it will happen to the Hawks but it shows if you think someone isn't doing their job or can't then it's time to change that person. No questions asked, no worrying about fan response, no trying to make everyone love you, do your job.

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