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04-18-2006, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by sevenSteen
I play ice hockey at a fairly high level and play roller hockey during the summer, but this summer, I've signed up for ball hockey. Started to practice on the driveway a few days ago, and I've already run into a few problems:

1) I can barely stickhandle without losing the ball.

2) I feel uncomfortable with the stick (it goes up to just underneath my nose), so I tried a shorter stick (which goes up to my chin) and it feels too small.

3) Slap shot - I can unload it fine, but I have no control in hitting a target.

4) I tend to stop moving my feet because of bad habits learnt in ice hockey. How do I fix that?

5) Any special ball hockey moves / plays that can be executed fairly easily with practice?

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.
Ball hockey is alot easier than ice, simply because ppl can't play the body on you in most leagues.

I had the same problem as you in that I didn't want to move my feet because I was used to being on my skates.

Luckily, I am able to anticipate things before they happen, and I see the whole dek quite easily. Things are moving so slowly compared to ice, that making plays and such is pretty easy for me, eventhough I'm going half speed. I sort of jog half speed..I can actually control the ball running as fast as I want, but I admit I'm lazy and try to avoid it.

So if you do play ice at a high level, you should be able to do the same things as me.

Don't be afraid to slow the game down when you have the have alot more time in ball hockey to make plays, so use that to your advantage.

As for the stickhandling issues...put 2 pieces of tape from heel to toe on the front and back of your blade. This dulls the impact the ball has when it hits your blade, and it won't bounce off so easily.

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