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07-10-2012, 01:44 AM
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Originally Posted by MintoMadDogsKiller18 View Post
To Toronto: Stastny

To Avs: Bozak, 2nd, Holzer, Mccarthur
Great job OP Finally a deal that addresses the Avs needs!! If anyone says no here it should actually be Toronto. Ignoring wingers, situations, and other bogus like that that we Avs fans like to bring up to excuse Stasny's pathetic performance the last little while, and just look at stats(stats always tell the full story. All that you need to know) we can tell Bozak is almost at Stastny's level. The best part is that the Avs save cap, which should help relieve us since Stastny's huge salary has us struggling for cap room. Bozak behind two proven centers in Duchene and O'Reilly woudl be incredible. On top of that we get MacArthur, who is a clear upgrade on you current top 9 wingers(Parenteau, Jones, McGinn, Downie, Landeskog, Hedjuk) Since top 9 wingers is actually one of our biggest needs, and a guy like McGinn is best suited for the 4th line, he fits perfectly! Then there is Holzer, who also fills a need, since the Avs have a clear lack of defensive prospects. Probably our biggest need prospect wise actually. Again, great job OP, nice to see someone finally paying attention to what we need. And the icing on the cake is the 2nd rounder, with whom we might be lucky to draft another Stastny. In fact, this could actually turn out to be something like top winger+top prospect+center better than Stasty(Bozak)+Stastny like player for Stastny!! Actually, the more I look at this we should probably add, considering the fact were getting so much and dumping Stastny's salary which hinders us so much. Barrie perhaps? Anyways, good proposal.

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