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07-10-2012, 05:46 AM
Weber is OUR captain
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I know I'm being impatient but after all the success of the past 2 years and now this crap. I'm feeling stressed and upset. And after the quotes of Weber being shocked and stuff, it's just more to worry about. If we lose both Suter and Weber, it'll be hard to financially support this team for awhile. You can't be doing this good and keep hearing that our window is open, and then it all go to hell at the flip of a switch. I know GMDP is doing what he can, but it's hard not to be frustrated at him right now. This is becoming one ****** section of the rollercoaster ride. Not as bad as the firesale, but getting near it. If Weber leaves too then it might as well be a fire sale. I hope GMDP has something up his sleeve. Why the hell haven't we gotten a JayBo or some kind of replacement signed yet? Arrgh. *rant over*

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