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07-10-2012, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by drewskiv View Post
Draft them in the fantasy draft the first year after that u have a rookie draft if its a keeper league
Ok, that sounds good.

Originally Posted by KiwiFlamesFan View Post
I'd be interested if there's still room...
There sure is room!
Originally Posted by tfong View Post

I want to put forth, since sometimes conducting a live draft can get quite tricky with 20 teams, maybe since we have time now we can do a board draft and then have them assigned during the season? Nothing worse than missing out on a live draft
Ok, drafting through the board makes sense actually, we'll do that.

Originally Posted by tfong View Post
You naming your team the oilers?

On other notes:

How does one keep track of the prospect/unsigned list? My understanding of yahoo is that players do not appear until after they sign NHL contracts.
We could have a list of the teams prospect pool on the yahoo message board, or on here.

So, here are the members so far:

1. Me
2. Tfong
3. drewskiv
4. TheGleninator
6. Devilspuppet666
7. Feel The Heat
8. Autograph
9. shidoshi
10. nogger
11. Jarome Iginla
12. Spacecorn
13. FlaMeRss
14. Ynnek
15. KiwiFlamesFan

And here are some of the stuff that most have agreed on:

*Keepers (have not decided on how many keepers, or if we will keep our whole team)

*Big rosters. We will most likely do full team lines.

*Offline draft. It will take place on here.

*From my understanding, there will be no prospect draft this season, but it will take place next season.
The prospect draft for next season and beyond, will have 1-2 rounds. We will post our teams prospect pool on the yahoo message board, or on here.

Now, should we keep our whole team year after year, or should we have a # of keepers?

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