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07-10-2012, 08:08 AM
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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
As I said above, I don't have much interest in Bartschi. He's probably a blue-chipper but what makes him so much better than Gallagher or Holland? (Whom both outscored him in the WHL btw, Gallagher last year and Holland this year)
Ah, you're one of those guys. Judges talent based on who had more total points rather than looking at players a sum of their parts. What makes Bartschi better than Gallagher and Holland? The ability to completely dominate the game every time he is on the ice? The ability to take a game over and will his team to win? The ability to make players around him that much better? The ability to do things at top speed and read the game at levels beyond his peers? Bartschi was the most dynamic player in the CHL last season for all the reasons listed. He was the best player and most valuable player on his team, by a wide margin. The only reason he didn't run away with the WHL scoring championship is because he missed 25 games with an injury. Comparing Bartschi to Gallagher or Holland is like comparing a Porsche to a Ford pickup.

I mean, I like Bartschi, and I understand he's your best prospect and all, but him and J-Bow who's almost got negative value because of his contract and poor defensive play aren't worth a Subban type.
Bouwmeester is poor defensively and has negative value now? It really is annoying how these HF memes take root. Check the advanced stats and you'll see Bouwmeester was comparable to his peer group, especially on a team that had a negative differential. Bouwmeester's numbers are also a result of his forwards not getting the job done and backchecking. It's pretty easy to take a minus when you have a forward cherry-picking or not observing his defensive responsibilities. He's worth his contract IMO, but he's become a whipping boy with certain fans because he isn't putting up 40-50 points on a team that struggles to score. There is more to hockey than points, but your previous paragraph leads me to believe that is lost on you.

If I were Calgary I wouldn't go near Subban. The Flames dumped a better version of Subban because they couldn't handle his ego, so why would they go and trade for another egocentric problem? The Flames are looking for character players, not players who are characters. Subban is the latter and a guy I'd stay away from.

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