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07-10-2012, 09:19 AM
La Vieille Garde
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Ok, I have my thoughts together. At my age it takes awhile! Growing up in central Indiana in the early 70s there was no local hockey that I could get to. I first saw the NHL on ABC's Sunday game of the week and loved it right away. Since I had no access to ice hockey, I managed to get a street hockey site and played street hockey. I liked the Sabres and Canadiens early on, but did not have a clear favorite in the NHL. When I turned 16 I was able to drive down to Indy to watch the Racers and they became my fave. They folded and we got the Checkers. The Checkers were the Islanders' farm club during their Cup run, so the Islanders became my first actual favorite NHL club. During the 80s the NHL was not televised in my area, as we did not have the Sportschannels on my cable. I followed the Checkers, then the Ice as they all folded. I only recently began to watch the NHL again as I worked nights for years. So I had no favorite until now. And I base my favorite on the area I would most like to retire too after studying several spots. So, the Carolina Hurricanes are my club.
p.s. I liked them some as the Whalers also. And I'd like to see Quebec City get another team.

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