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Originally Posted by Troll Ward View Post
Is there a spreadsheet with the available players somewhere? The link in the OP just seems to go the ATD selections. I mean, I assume anyone not picked in that is fair game, but it would be easier to have a list to start with.
ATD 2011, MLD 2011 and AAA2011 are all excellent resources. Last year we drafted 2000 players between the ATD, MLD, AAA, AA, and A drafts. Use them as a resource. There are even bio threads for the ATD 2011, MLD 2011 and AAA 2011 for research info.

Links can be provided when I or someone else takes the time to provide them (I'll get around to it before the draft begins, if no one else has time to). In the meantime, surf through a few pages of this sub-board and find them yourself.

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