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07-10-2012, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by kihei View Post
Not me. I agree Wimbledon needs faster grass, but I don't want to go back to, say, 1994, when Sampras knocked off Ivanisevic in straight sets and there were, like, only ten points in the whole match that went over three or four strokes. That was far more boring than what we have now. We do need a fine-tuning sort of adjustment, true, but not a return to the bad old days.
The problem is the short rallies prevent the court from wearing down and becoming slower. It's why it plays much faster the first week, when we saw matches like Gulbis-Berdych and Rosol-Nadal where one player basically blew the other off the court. When they changed the grass mixture in 2002 to be more durable, it meant that it became slower, causing more protracted rallies and more wear, and effectively negating the advantage in durability.

Those matches weren't really all that boring either, and if you didn't like them, so what? Don't watch them. The grass season is just a month; Wimbledon is two weeks. It would be much worse if you couldn't stand clay tennis. Diversity in surfaces and style of play would be refreshing for once.

Though I respect her accomplishments, I'm no fan at all of Serena in the least, but I think it's absolutely great that she led the tournament in aces. The better question is how the hell did Kohlschreiber lead the men.
None of the usual suspects made it far enough. Fed's serve was tame. I don't know what happened to Tsonga frankly. Kohli just had a great tournament serving.

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