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Originally Posted by htk30 View Post
Different time, different scenarios, different players, different teams, different everything.
Different Time:

Yes, but I am not sure how that changes things and Shanahan should be worth more then Nash. Also there was no cap, so adding large salary didn't hurt as much.

Different Teams:

Only in Name, Detroit was trying to make a run at a cup, and Hartford aquired Shanahan from St Louis in order to make a playoff run a few years before. Similar to Columbus with Carter.

Different Scenario:

Not quite Shanahan was disgruntled with how things were going in Hartford, and wanted to go to a contender. Shanahan was the piece that was going to put Detroit over the top.

Different Everything: Even this trade talk went on for Month's, that is why Coffey had the time to say he wouldn't play for Hartford. But still did a couple of games.

If anything it seems almost identical in almost every way except it was 16 years earlier, and that significantly lowers Nash's value

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