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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
All that said we shouldn't lose track of the big picture.

RDS is owned by the Peladeau family, who inherited their money.

This story is likely just propaganda to encourage the population to support lower taxes on rich people.

As pointed out by another poster, the study overestimates the tax difference due to residency rules. Further, if the Habs were to put together a winning team, and get rid of some of their dead wood taking up cap space, they would be able to sign premier free agents.

RDS is owned by BELL MEDIA, the same owner as TSN.

+ To all the posters thinking the players are not coming because of language issues.... Wake up ! You can live your WHOLE LIFE in Montreal without speaking a single word of French.

NOBODY ever demanded that a payer learn to speak FRENCH ! BUT... Francophone fans would love their CAPTAIN and HEADCOACH to be able to speak the language. Tons of players have played signiificant times in Montreal without ever saying a single word in French and NO ONE ever complained.

Francophones fans are so open that they accept since years to fill the Bell Centre and pay big bucs EVEN if the team has only ONE FULL-TIME French-speaking PLAYER.

So, once again STICK to HOCKEY !

get your facts straight before posting...

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