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07-10-2012, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by rahjmahogany View Post
There was also a second round pick involved I believe. And halak was never a number one my fairweather friend. He was prices back up then got hot in the playoffs. And if memory serves me, he has just been okay. Not a "solid" starter. I think pekka rinne, henrik lundqhist, and jonathon quick would be my example of a solid starter. Not someone who starts fifty or less games. And I didn't say he would have a good year simply BC he had a bad one. That is silly. He had a bad year when our team was the best defensive team. Read critically doood. And as far as anyone saying anybody is going to have a good year, its all speculation. I bet you would like to think tarasenko will step in and have an amazing year? What is that based on? Hype and statistics from the "second best" league. Out of your element dooder.
No, the deal was Halak for Eller and Schultz. No additional 2nd rounder.

Also, Lundqvist, Quick and Rinnie are all-star, possibly even MVP, type goalies. Those 3 are arguably the top 3 goalies in the world rigt now. If that's the category you have to be in to be "solid" that's some tough criteria.

Also, count me as another who finds your reasoning that Cola would have a better season this season than last to be puzzling at best.

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