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07-10-2012, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Deficient Mode View Post
Those matches weren't really all that boring either, and if you didn't like them, so what? Don't watch them. The grass season is just a month; Wimbledon is two weeks. It would be much worse if you couldn't stand clay tennis. Diversity in surfaces and style of play would be refreshing for once.
Oh, they were pretty boring. Pat Cash, Goran Ivanisevic, even that era Sampras weren't much fun to watch on grass. Were you around to see them? I doubt you would have been all that impressed. Certainly given the botanical sophistication of today, a happy medium should be possible: fast enough to nurture a serve and volleyer, but not so fast as to induce utter tedium.

None of the usual suspects made it far enough. Fed's serve was tame. I don't know what happened to Tsonga frankly. Kohli just had a great tournament serving.
The Ungainly One is well on his way to having his best season for aces ever and by a wide margin, Philipp's previous high being 388 in 2010 when he ranked 26th overall for the year. That in turn was some 68 aces higher than he had in any previous year. He already has 377 aces for the year and currently ranks 7th on the men's side. My theory is that his competition has collectively decided that his serve is too ugly to look at.

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