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Originally Posted by jskramer83 View Post
Different Time:

Yes, but I am not sure how that changes things and Shanahan should be worth more then Nash. Also there was no cap, so adding large salary didn't hurt as much.

Different Teams:

Only in Name, Detroit was trying to make a run at a cup, and Hartford aquired Shanahan from St Louis in order to make a playoff run a few years before. Similar to Columbus with Carter.

Different Scenario:

Not quite Shanahan was disgruntled with how things were going in Hartford, and wanted to go to a contender. Shanahan was the piece that was going to put Detroit over the top.

Different Everything: Even this trade talk went on for Month's, that is why Coffey had the time to say he wouldn't play for Hartford. But still did a couple of games.

If anything it seems almost identical in almost every way except it was 16 years earlier, and that significantly lowers Nash's value
So you say it's just about identical, except for all the glaring differences such as cap and being a different era, the fact that Shanny was worth more than Nash, and different teams/staff. The only similarities that are real are that Nash wants out of his current situation and that this has gone on for months.

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