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07-10-2012, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by ScottyDoNot View Post
Tsn990 has been so bad especially since they made Marinaro their poster boy. Who wants to have a guy just there to tell people how he's always right and turning nothing into large consipracies? Good ridance really I use to listen to them everyday but got so fed up i haven't listened to them in years. Probably took Bergevin a week of listening to that garbage before sending the request to the higher ups to return the show to CJAD, at least CJAD has real comentators.
I ahve to agree with this, as much as i like some of the DJ i couldnt stand a few too, and grew tired and tuned them off, with internet, and social media, i get my fix that way and form my own opnion, just like the old CKAC as soon as they said they'd take calls i'd change stations...
The good commentators will get other jobs for sure (Like Melnick etc)

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