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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
I'll repeat what I said here a few weeks ago; some here are not granting Scheifele enough of a chance to make the team.

I understand the whole wanting to have him spend another season in junior thing for further seasoning, but he spent the last year playing for the Jets, for Barrie, for the Canadian National Junior Team, and in the AHL. When he was sent back to Barrie last year he wasn't physically strong enough, but he did last several games in the NHL regular season despite weighing just 176 pounds when he was returned to Barrie. He weighed in yesterday at 192, and hopes to be pushing near 200 by training camp. Strength shouldn't be quite the issue this season.

In my view Scheifele would be best served now by learning while practicing with men, and by playing against men. Dominating his peer group this season wouldn't push him as much as would increasing the overall challenge. We are talking about a kid that nearly made this team last season as a pipsqueak. He has a damn good chance to make it now IMO with some actual muscle on his frame.

Ease him in. Sign Stapler again as a utility guy and to spell off against Scheifele if need be; play Scheifele only 50 or 60 games if that is all he can handle. Being eased into the lineup didn't hurt either Stamkos or Seguin.
I don't always agree with you Gump but I do this time... here's the thing though
A lot of us want him to earn it by clawing/fighting for it.
That's (one reason) why a lower top6 pickup like Wellwood would be better than a higher end caphit like Semin.

EDIT: looks like we're more align then I thought

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