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07-10-2012, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by LGM18 View Post
Hey, so i'm kinda new here, and am hoping you guys can help.

I put down the deposit a few weeks back on season tickets ($500 for 2 seats) and my rep called me today. He said taht the only thing available is the $125 seats with the TV in front of you.

Couple of questions... is he just trying to get me to spend more on the $125 tickets, or is there really nothing else available?

Why are there TVs in front of the $125 seats? Are they obstructed views, so they put the TV there to compensate? or is it just a nice amenity?

How is demand for reselling tickets in this general price range during the season? I definitely won't be able to make 40 games, so will I be able to sell these $125 tickets and get my $$ back?

Thanks in advance!
When did you put a deposit down? I put one down almost 4 months ago. Didn't get a call yet.

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